Transphobia is the hatred or fear of transpeople. Transphobic actions are those that hurt or damage trans people. Other terms, such as cissexismcisgenderism and cisnormativity, place more stress on societal norms that enforce the gender binary but are occasionally used synonymously with transphobia.

Many transpeople also experience homophobia from people who incorrectly associate the medically recognized condition of gender identity disorder as a form of homosexuality.[1]

Discriminatory or intolerant behaviour toward transsexuals might include harassment, assault, or murder. Direct forms of intolerance may also manifest themselves in non-violent ways. Indirect discrimination may include refusing to ensure that transgender people are treated in the same manner as non-transgender people.

Trans-bashing is the practice of victimizing someone because they are transgender and is a form of transphobia.[2] Unlike gay bashing, it is attacking someone based on their gender identity rather than because of their predisposition regarding sexuality. Some believe that accusing transgender people of being victims of "gay-bashing" erases their identities and the truth of what happens to them.

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