Femininity is a set of behaviours, presentations and roles which are culturally associated with being a woman and/or possessing female sex characteristics. People of any gender identity or sexual orientation can be feminine, but those who are assigned female at birth often experience societal pressure to be so. Transgender people who are feminine may be described as transfeminine.

Femininity is socially constructed and varies over time and between cultures. In a gender binary, femininity is constructed in opposition to the concept of masculinity.

Attributes which are often associated with femininity include:

  • Grace, delicacy and gentleness.
  • Sensitivity, empathy and emotional openness.
  • Deference, passivity and a desire for social interaction.
  • Nurturing instincts and a desire to care for others.
  • A gender expression which includes dresses or skirts, long hair and/or make-up.

Gender identities particularly associated with femininity include woman, femme and demigirl. However, not everyone with these gender identities will choose to express their gender through femininity.

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